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Wellness Residencies

Stone & Star

Stone & Star was founded to share the beauty and wonders of crystals and the cosmos, and how they can become allies in our own journeys of healing, finding inner peace, and happiness. Find inner peace and learn about the wondrous healing powers of crystals by joining the oracle and tarot reading and crystal viewing sessions.

20-minute introductory oracle and tarot reading | HK$600 
45-minute full oracle and tarot reading | HK$1,300 
30-minute crystal viewing | Complimentary

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Guided Meditation

Join us for a complimentary group healing and guided meditation led by Shakti Healing Circle. Explore the benefits of meditation in a supportive and nurturing environment. 

Monthly event 
Sky Lounge, L49



Bringing together health and hospitality in a studio residency, FAMILY FORM is a dynamic, immersive conditioning workout created exclusively for The Upper House by its co-founder, Lindsay Jang.

This 55-minute mat-based, full-body sculpting experience uses hand and ankle weights - hosted in optimal conditions to enhance and motivate - heat, humidity and bold music.

HK$500 per person, per session

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Founder of Good Company, Rinat Perlman has extensive experience and knowledge in yoga and spirituality, having studied with world-renowned influential teachers. With a master’s degree in counselling, she has taught, mentored and coached thousands over the years.

GOOD yoga classes offer an opportunity to explore the body and mind in a safe, supported environment. Each focus on fundamental poses that make up a well-rounded yoga practice.  New and experienced students alike can expect to progress physically, while gaining a deeper understanding of how yoga affects the body and breath, while centring emotions and thoughts.

HK$350 per person, per session

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Make-Up by Daniel Ng

With years of experience working for international beauty brands such as Charlotte Tilbury and celebrities, Daniel Ng brings his wealth of make-up expertise to The House.

Whether you favour a natural or glamorous look, Daniel will work his magic with brow shaping, lash lifting and make-up to suit any occasion. Learn insider tips and tricks in this customised class situated in a dedicated Studio at The House.

HK$380 – 2,680 per person, per session

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Wonders of Light Laser Therapy

Having worked with some of the world’s best plastic surgeons and dermatologists, Gavin Tsoi developed bespoke laser treatment Wonders of Light Therapy, a safe, effective facial rejuvenation treatment. His first aesthetic laser clinic was founded in 2015.

Experience the power of advanced aesthetic technology. Wonders of Light laser therapy that uses uniquely selected wavelengths to help rejuvenate the skin, leaving you feeling refreshed and revitalised. Different layers of skin are targeted in a single treatment to achieve results up to four times more quickly than traditional laser treatments.

HK$3,500 per person, per session

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UP!health Chiropractors

Founder of UP!health, Michelle Zhou McCulloch and her team of registered Chiropractors bring tailor-made healthcare solutions to the House.

Each session will focus on the skeletal structure, in particular the spine and pelvis, as the UP!health team aim to alleviate back pain, correct misalignments and facilitate the healing process.

15 – 20-minute one-on-one consultation: HK$950

30 – 45-minute initial consultation: HK$ 1,400 

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