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Wellness Programme

A culture of healthful living is important to us. Our programme of complimentary group wellness classes is focused on reflection, renewal and balance. Along with our monthly #TUHRunningClub, our yoga, meditation and fitness sessions are an antidote to modern-day stresses that encourage positive lifestyle choices and self-care.

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Led by our resident running coach on the first Monday of the month, our #TUHRunningClub will take you to the leafy trails near our House.

Meeting point: Level 4, hotel entrance

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Yoga & Meditation

Revitalise body and mind with our group yoga and meditation sessions held on The Lawn.

Saturday - Sunday 8am - Private sessions available.

Bringing together health x hospitality, welcome to the FAMILY FORM studio residency at The Upper House. A dynamic and immersive conditioning workout - a 55-minute mat-based, full-body sculpting experience — designed with hand and ankle weights and hosted in optimal conditions to enhance and motivate - heat, humidity and bold music.

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