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13 Jul 2022 | The Middle House

Mi Xun · Joyful Living

Answering to guest demands for healthier lifestyles, Mi Xun spa at The Middle House has launched the wellness programme ‘Joyful Living’, which aims to help guests improve all aspects of their health and achieve a relaxed state of mind and body. In partnership with SpaChina, INDIBA® and FightOn, Joyful Living builds on nutrition, mental health and smart technology to empower health and wellbeing, and ensure a rejuvenating journey for guests.


SpaChina has built on its expertise to craft a programme that focuses on the importance of taking care of mental wellness and encouraging healthy, comfortable living. FightOn, the official partner of the Chinese Nutrition Society, offers superior nutritional solutions and dietary science to guests at the House. INDIBA®, a Spanish pioneer in non-invasive medical radiofrequency technology, brings 39 years of history as the preferred brand of the world’s most elite athletes. Its Proionic ® is a leader in the physiotherapy and aesthetics field, utilising a specific frequency of 448 kilohertz to restore and energise original cell function. Guests can choose from three INDIBA® wellness benefits for a tailored solution that enhances total health, beginning 20 July through the end of October: 


INDIBA® Immune System Healing helps boost the immune system, improves bronchi function, and relaxes muscles. Proionic Cell Boost's patented technology stimulates healthy cell function and   revitalization. 
INDIBA® Abdominal Shaping Treatment activates cells’ metabolic rates and reducing or removing fat. It can effectively manage cellulite while shaping the skin, stimulating collagen production and   making the skin firmer. 
INDIBA® Sub-Health Neck and Shoulder Healing brings a patented electrothermal function that effectively acts on muscle strain and joint pain. It improves blood circulation while increasing the    delivery of nutrients and oxygen, focusing on cervical spine health to improve overall quality of life.


*** INDIBA® Immune System Healing is priced at RMB 1,680 for 60 minutes; INDIBA® Abdominal Shaping Treatment is priced at RMB 1,380 for 45 minutes; INDIBA® Sub-Health Neck and Shoulder Healing is priced at RMB 1,380 for 45 minutes.


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