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7 Nov 2019 - 3 Jan 2020


Encounters Across Cultures:
Seeds Of Life

The House Collective’s art programme ‘Encounters Across Cultures: Seeds of Life’ made the final stop of the art journey at The Temple House in Chengdu in November 2019.

Video artist Katja Loher was inspired not only by Chengdu’s deep-rooted culture and traditions, but the way the Five Chinese Elements are embedded in The Temple House’s architecture itself. She worked with two local masters in Chinese ink painting to bring the dynamic installation to life; Hao Wu who painted ink symbols and creatures representing each of the elements and Yong Ma who led a tea ceremony bringing the elements together.

Atmospheric video projections and otherworldly sculptures created an elemental universe that took art-lovers and guests on a cinematic journey through the House flowing from the Bi Tie Shi Courtyard through the gallery and to Jing Bar.

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