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14 Jul 2020 | The Temple House

Classical meets Contemporary: An Art Journey

Embark on a unique artistic journey at The Temple House that explores the ancient heritage and modern culture of Chengdu. Wander through our House and discover an art collection curated by Alison Pickett that embraces the classical and celebrates the contemporary in new and surprising ways.

The journey begins from the moment you enter through the restored Qing Dynasty courtyard and encounter two mirror-polished sculptures by local Chengdu artist Wu Haiying that reflect the sky above and the hundred year old historic surrounds.

The giant silvery “Feather” symbolises the mythological Phoenix while the “Leaf” lying gently beneath the ancient Wutong tree is a reminder of the fragility of the seasons and the rediscovery of the senses.

Inside Bitieshi’s lobby is a cast bronze sculpture “Seven Chinese Gods” by local artist He Yong Hong that is designed to be seen from all four sides with the seven heavenly gods inviting you to immerse yourself in the earthly delights of The Temple House.

Every sculpture or art piece tells a story and set among the terraced lawns of our courtyard is ‘Grass Lands,’ a woodgrain sandstone sculpture by Marvin Fung planted with aromatic herbs to scent the air that creates an abstract link to the similar sculptures the artist created for The Upper House in Hong Kong.

Explore further and you’ll discover more calm and serene art that embodies our House’s spirit – from Danny Lee’s “Stone Seed Benches” and “Stone Lotus Petal Benches” in black granite and white marble that evoke yin and yang inside our MI XUN Spa Courtyards to the metal and stone “Climbing to Heaven” sculpture by Shi Zhonying that visualises where our Spa journey will take you.

Every corner hides a new and fascinating piece of art and with The House Collective Art Programme and quarterly exhibitions of digital art, installations and other creative formats - there’s always something new to explore when you visit our House.

The Temple House
No. 81 Bitieshi Street,
Jinjiang District, Chengdu,
China 610021