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Inspired by Yunnan at Sui Tang Li

Curious and always learning, our chefs seek inspiration everywhere. At The Middle House, our latest journey took us to Yunnan, a biodiverse province rich in both culture and tradition. Chef Tony Ye of Sui Tang Li explored the region last autumn, bringing back the excitement of his travels and discoveries to Shanghai and crafting them into the DIAN • Impression Menu.

It’s a destination with special meaning to Chef Tony. “Yunnan has always been my favourite place. It has remarkably diverse landscapes and natural scenery, giving it a rich selection of ingredients,” he says.

“There is a saying that ‘going to Yunnan is like travelling around the world’.” The province is much more than only the mushrooms that it’s so famous for – truly a world of its own.

He found particular inspiration in rushan, a local fresh goat milk cheese. “We went to a rushan factory in Eryuan County to see the entire process of making rushan, an experience you cannot get in Shanghai,” he recalls. This unique ingredient now stars in several of the dishes on his DIAN • Impression Menu – crispy rushan garnished with sweet and sour marinated tamarillo and rushan slices complementing a baked sweet potato for dessert.

The special menu, embodying The House Collective's philosophy where culture energizes, excites, and drives everything they do, was available until 17 April 2024 at The Middle House.

Black Tea Smoked Pigeon    


Marinated Tamarillo with Honey, Rushan   

Braised Pork & Cuttlefish, Coffee Bean Shell 


Double-boiled Chicken Soup, Gingko, Bitter Gourd 

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