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INDIBA® Joyful Living Treatments

By inducing a set of biological thermal and sub-thermal responses when induced by the patented 448kHz frequency, the Proionic® System from INDIBA® helps to promote healthy cellular functionality at cellular level as well as contributing to restore and repair tissue at tissue level. It stimulates the body’s metabolism and microcirculation, restoring vitality and allowing people to achieve a healthy and balanced state.

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INDIBA® Immune System Healing 60 mins | RMB 1,680

INDIBA® helps boost the immune system throughout the body. The patented Proionic® Cell Boost technology can infuse energy into cells, improve the bronchial tubes, and relax the muscles. The treatment can provide an immediate soothing effect on the muscles after working out and can effectively boost circulation and enhance the function of the body’s organs.

INDIBA® Abdominal Shaping Treatment 45 mins | RMB 1,380

The treatment can effectively stimulates the body's metabolism and microcirculation to reduce fat accumulation and tighten the skin by stimulating collagen production. The treatment can also be used to improve the health of the uterus, eliminate inflammation, and relieve pain.

INDIBA® Sub-health Neck and Shoulder Healing 45 mins | RMB 1,380

For those whose health has been affected through prolonged sitting during work, the treatment could be just what you need. INDIBA®’s patented Proionic® system can effectively treat muscle strain and joint pain and promote blood circulation, helping improve both your work efficiency and your quality of life.

INDIBA® Intensive Leg and Foot Care 60-minute | RMB 1,680

INDIBA ®’s patented Proionic® Cell Boost technology and endogenous heat generation has been proved by experiments to achieve ionic balance in the cells from the deepest “skeleton” and “muscle group” of our bodies. With the benefit of promoting proliferation of autologous mesenchymal stem cells by 25%, it helps to strengthen our leg muscles and prevent diseases like osteoporosis, leg pain, arthralgia and leg cramps.

INDIBA® Hip Shaping Treatment (Ladies Only) 45-minute | RMB 1,680

Looking for ways to reshape your curve? With INDIBA ®’s patented Proionic® Cell Boost technology and endogenous heat generation, not only it can contribute to a better shaping of your hip, but also places a certain effect on hip muscles maintenance.

* Related Patent Number:20180112205;109475748


  • Pregnant
  • Pacemaker/cochlear implant
  • Children
  • Severe skin inflammation
  • Thrombophlebitis
  • High inflammatory periods
  • Steroid drug users
  • Cancer patients


Terms & Conditions:

  • 24 hours advanced booking is required
  • In order to achieve a better effect, 2-3 times of treatment/week is recommended
  • For enquiries and bookings, please call 021 3216 8066 or email mixunthelab@themiddlehousehotel.com



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