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An Artful Journey

Art is our passion. It’s at the heart of our Houses. Adorning our walls and interiors, hand-picked art pieces infuse our spaces with creativity and craftsmanship. The Middle House’s collection is themed “I Dream of China” in a showcase of local Chinese and international artists that reflects the artistic crossroad that is Shanghai. Each a part of the porcelain narrative drawn from the historic town of Jingdezhen in Jiangxi province, every piece tells its own story for viewers to interpret.


Caroline Cheng’s stunning White Porcelain Robe greets you in the lobby, a subtle and familiar nod to the robe sculptures at The Opposite House in Beijing. With studios in Shanghai and Jingdezhen, the Hong Kong-born artist has painstakingly sewn on hundreds of handcrafted ceramic butterflies in a show of incredible craftsmanship.


Nearby, you’ll also find Works on Paper with Joss Stick Perforations by Chinese-Australian artist Lindy Lee. Loosely inspired by traditional porcelain painting patterns and drawing her Chinese heritage, these contemporary textural works speak volumes about modern Chinese art.


Shanghainese artist Liu Dao, who works with local art collective Island 6, is also represented. At the lift lobby, his Vases in a Steel Cage challenges you with its juxtaposition of delicate porcelain vases caught within a harsh metal frame.


Upstairs at the bar, renowned English ceramicist Felicity Aylieff’s three-metre high Giant Ceramic Vase takes the limelight. Collaborating with artisans in Jingdezhen, she combines contemporary design with traditional skills where the origin of the world’s porcelain trade began thousands of years ago.


Australian painter Dean Home’s oil painting in Sui Tang Li takes on a Chinese subject in its portrayal of traditional ceramics, but with a distinctively Western style. The painting’s vibrant and rich colour palette stands in contrast to the neutral, sophisticated tones throughout the rest of the hotel, setting an undeniable tone for the restaurant that’s at once playful and sumptuous.