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Founder of Collective Studio

Betty Ng

Every year, The Upper House commissions a one-of-a-kind Christmas tree that incorporates sustainability. In 2020, international architecture studio, COLLECTIVE, presented a design that embraced heritage sustainability, integrating the role of culture through cultural heritage and creativity. 

Inspired by Hong Kong’s iconic illuminating street signs and with the guidance of Streetsign HK, a group that advocates street signs as urban cultural heritage, COLLECTIVE reinvigorated the fading art of neon sign making with the creation of the “Doodle Tree”. Breaking with convention of 2D neon signs, the team and Mr. Wu Chi Kai, one of only three remaining local craftsmen, expertly fabricated neon tubes into a 3D Christmas tree.

In what has become an annual tradition, The Upper House placed the tree up for auction with all proceeds benefiting ImpactHK, a local charity dedicated to helping the homeless in Hong Kong.

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