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Mi Xun Spa: Inspired by Tea

Famous for its temples, giant pandas and spicy Sichuan cuisine, Chengdu is a cultural melting pot that embraces modernity and heritage. Hidden away in a secluded corner of this energetic modern city is The Temple House’s MI XUN Spa, a serene urban retreat that blends Eastern and Western wellness philosophies.

Steps away from a thousand year old Daci Temple, and built on the site of a former mulberry orchard, MI XUN Spa is set within a traditional teahouse with an ornate Qing Dynasty courtyard. The historically rich surroundings are paired with sleek modern interiors that pay homage to the building’s past and create a positive flow of energy throughout the spa. The layout is designed around the lifecycle of a plant - growing, branching out, becoming a space to rest, sustain and nurture.

Drawing inspiration from traditional Chinese apothecaries and the healing properties of tea, MI XUN blends plant-based modern alchemy with proven Western therapies and medi-aesthetic treatments from renowned brands such as Meseostic, THÉMAÉ and Venus Legacy.

Throughout its eleven treatment rooms, the spa offers a curated selection of unique treatments that combine East and West. This includes a signature bamboo massage that incorporates Swedish massage techniques, Oriental-style hand strokes and traditional bamboo canes as well as specialised ‘Suite Experiences’ that feature an infra-red sauna, steam bath and herbal bathing rituals to deeply relax, cleanse and revitalise.

With a focus on using natural ingredients and reducing reliance on chemicals, sulfates, parabens and micro-beads, MI XUN not only mixes its own scrubs and beauty potions but infuses tea into many different treatments – from local Chinese brews to acclaimed French brand THÉMAÉ’s four-tea extract range. It’s a deep almost spiritual connection to nature and Chengdu’s rural roots.

Going beyond just professional grooming, MI XUN’s ‘Gentlemen’s Collection’ curates a selection of unique beauty and wellness rituals designed for such as the award-winning head-to-toe transformation treatment “When a panda transforms into a poodle.” This therapy not only evokes a relaxing sense of place but combines luxurious skincare and high-tech Venus Legacy technology for glowing results.

Designed as a companion experience to the spa treatments, the MI XUN Teahouse serves premium teas with rejuvenating properties according to the principles of traditional Chinese medicine. These brews are complemented by a plant-based menu of regional Sichuan cuisine inspired by the nourishing dishes once served at the Daci Monastery. Using locally sourced ingredients and herbs grown in the House garden, delicate vegetarian dishes such our re-imagined Mapo Tofu and vegan hotpot are served to guests and locals seeking a tranquil escape.

The MI XUN retail shop is stocked with a curated range of lifestyle products that allow visitors to continue their wellness journey and bring a piece of the experience home with them. More than just an urban day spa, MI XUN is a holistic wellness destination that understands the importance of balancing ancient Chinese practices with high-end Western therapies in order to create sensory experiences that are more than skin deep.

MI XUN Spa offers serene modern interiors within a traditional setting.

Our spa focuses on natural ingredients sourced locally and from our House herb garden.

Relax with signature treatments like our bamboo or Tui Na massages.

Enjoy delicate vegetarian dishes inspired by the nourishing meals once served at Daci Monastery.

MI XUN Teahouse serves plant-based regional Sichuan cuisine in a traditional courtyard house.

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