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In Pursuit of Urban Wellness

Nestled between Hong Kong’s towering skyscrapers, The Upper House is a place of relaxation and respite for locals and House guests alike. At the heart is The Lawn, a surprisingly zen green space under the sun – the perfect setting for activities designed to boost and aid wellbeing.

Wellness retreats are usually associated with tropical beaches, secluded mountain hideaways and spa treatments infused with essential oils. With an eye to creating something different, our Hong Kong-based House is creating new urban wellness experiences that put community at its heart.

From forward-thinking collaborations with Bamford, Matchali and S10Training through to nourishing dishes and cocktails at Café Gray Deluxe, The Upper House has embraced #WellnessAtOurHouse. The latest initiative was the launch of March Month of Wellness, a curated programme of all-encompassing experiences to help people reconnect body and mind.

In tumultuous and uncertain times, classes such as Flow into Strength by Lululemon and Total Body Blast by Jen Mackay creating opportunities for people to sweat and de-stress, get their body moving and find a healthy balance.

The tools of coaching, yoga and meditation were used in CAHAYA classes by Janith Chang to empower participants to discover their inner strength and embrace self-love and acceptance. A holistic approach to wellbeing that was supported with a REVIV pop-up at the House which offered IV Hydration and Booster Shots designed to replenish and restore hydration levels and detoxify the body.

As a complement these wellness initiatives, Café Gray Deluxe prepared a menu of nutritious meals serving up a dose of zen on a plate.

Wellness is a key focus for all our Houses with a rich calendar of events and programmes rolling out over the next 12 months designed to enhance and elevate every lifestyle.

The Lawn is a peaceful oasis in the heart of the city.

We partner with wellness-driven brands such as Matchali, a homegrown Hong Kong matcha company.

Our House offers a menu of nourishing dishes and drinks to complement any wellness goals.

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